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Why Transitional Keys

“The life cycle is recognized
in large part
through ritual.”

Barbara Myerhoff, PhD
Remembered Lives

Throughout human history people have responded to change and transitions with ritual.

Rituals are a creative response to the mysteries of birth and death, to changes in the seasons and the transitions of the moon; for naming a baby and welcoming the new born into community, for entering adulthood, and for enlisting, retiring and honoring warriors and soldiers.

Rituals have been created for men, women, children, families, couples, and communities to mark celebrations, turning points and losses. Whether religious, mystical, or secular, ritual is a vehicle to navigate through transitions, to create order at times of change using all sorts of creative expressions, such as music, poetry, costume, and movement.

When doing ritual, feelings associated with change are explored and expressed, allowing the participants to gain insight, acceptance, and peace.

We all need celebration and ceremony to renew ourselves, to heal, to honor changes and to create meaningful ways to mark events in life. Transitional Keys provides tools to acknowledge transitions—including everyday changes and landmark transitions and turning points.

Transitional Keys can help transform the uncertainty of change into opportunities for insight, creativity, and growth.

Transitional Keys uses the Ritual Response to provide:

  • Order and Clarity in times of change
  • Relief and Comfort in times of anxiety
  • Integration and Healing in times of loss
  • Continuity and Community in times of reflection