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What People Say About Transitional Keys

Psychotherapist and life coach:

The Transitional Keys workshop…. was really life changing for me ….I realized over the weekend that…….I was not doing any replenishing of myself……. I realize now that [TK] is one more way that I can put something back into me for replenishing. So thank you all ……

Documentary filmmaker:

As I left the Transitional Keys workshop at Kripalu…. to mark the beginning of my new journey……took off my shoes and socks….. as I said "With calm feet and a calm head, I head out on my new journey with old friends… and new friends …to help me when I get lost along the way." Once I was outside, I took the superball from my TK Chinese takeout box toolkit and bounced it, asking for the resilience to bounce back no matter what comes my way. And I walked in the grass in my bare feet.

Mail carrier:

We are indeed graced and stronger than we thought we were before we entered the Transitional Keys workshop on Friday.... we seemed to have lost sight of ourselves behind a cloud for awhile, but it miraculously appeared in each others stories, tears and collaborative creative ritual forces this weekend.


I returned home from the Transitional Keys weekend workshop …… feeling full of new strength to face the journey ahead. Thank you for allowing me to lay down a burden and drink in many blessings.

Sailor/ cook:

The Transitional Keys workshop was personal and intimate…. in a safe space to open up. Hearing everyone's stories was special and meaningful…….. I really enjoyed the 'loving cups' ritual and witnessing each one of us benefit. I love the TK'tool kit' -- I think it was pretty close to perfect and can't think of anything to add to improve it.