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Keys to Creativity *

Ritual is one of humankind’s most ancient forms of creative expression. It includes all elements of theatrical arts; visual, musical, written, play and performance, etc.

A Writer’s Block, or any other creative block is a transition in the creative journey of an artist. This experiential program uses TK’s use of ritual tools and structure to liberate the creative process.


  • Rituals for Comfort and Hope: Annual Bereavement Conference, Metrohealth & Cleveland Hospice
  • Creativity Matters: McMaster Gerontology Program
  • Creativity and Lifelong Learning through the Arts, Lifelong Fellows Institute, Lifelong Access Libraries, Chapel Hill
  • Staying Connected: Innovative Art Programs for Frail Elders & People with Dementia, The Art of Aging: From Research to Advocacy, American Society on Aging
  • The Symbolic Experience of Ritual, Gerontological Society of America,
  • Creativity as a Leadership Tool, Nursing Leadership Institute, George Washington University

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