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Meditations for Caregivers

5 meditations designed specifically for caregivers to:

  • Strengthen inner resilience
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve overall health and well being

Experience the benefits of meditation

Great gift for a family member, friend or colleague

Appropriate for family caregivers and professional caregivers

Wonderful for “self care” and, when we take care of the self, we are caring for the whole world. --Robert Chodo Campbell, Co-Executive Director, New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care

Guidebook: A Guidebook: Rituals to Improve Quality of Life for Older Adults

The Guidebook:

  • Explains the theory of TK
  • Defines ritual as used in TK
  • Presents the elements of ritual used throughout TK
  • Provides descriptions of rituals and tools that can be adapted to a variety of situations
  • Suggests additional reading and resources for those who want to further develop the use of rituals

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